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Drum Kit Mics   Wedding setup
Microphones tucked around drum kit to eliminate stage clutter so the audience sees the drum kit not a forest of mic stands.  Band setup for tent wedding
Folk Festival   Growlers as Cartiode array
Folk Festival
MacTalla Mo'r performing
JTR Growler Subwoofers
in Cardioid array
Hollis Gig   Side stage Hollis
Swing Band setup from front of stage view at an Elks Club   Swing Band setup from side stage view at an Elks club
Backyard Party   FOH Accapella
Backyard Party   Wireless Microphones in use for Accapella perforance
Rob & Deryl at mixer
  Rob Spence & Deryl Humphrey
at the front of house desk
Dual tops over Growlers
Two EV QRX212/75 speakers over two JTR Growlers subwoofers
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