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PoleMount 1
Original Subwoofer...
Pole Mount 2
Routed and drilled is ready...
Pole Mount 3
To support pole mounted top speakers.

As an authorized Whirlwind dealer we configure client audio racks and gear. For Whirlwind's complete catalog, click here.

  • We worked with clients to assemble and wire up a case for a portable In Ear monitor system.
  • We configured amplifiers and equilization equipment into cohesive and transportable case assemblies with mass disconnects to expidite setup and teardown.
  • We modified subwoofers to accomidate speaker poles, enabling them to be used to support top speakers.
We do consultation, fabrication, and installation! So contact us today via email or call us at 978.369.7211

Amp Rack Panel
Amp Rack Front
We fabricated this distribution panel to bring all the connections to rack front.
  Resulting in an easy to deploy rack case.
Preamp Rack
Preamp Rack Rear
By building a cable harness for this case, we moved all the conections to a single panel on the rear...
which makes all the connections simple to use, and quick to set up.
Edited Sep 18, 2010